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[jdt-dev] adding folders (not Jars) to a project's library

I'm new to Eclipse 2.0.2 (coming from using JBuilder 3/4/5/6/7) and am wondering:

1) is there a user support mail list or newsgroup (rather than developer's lists/newsgroups?) I've searched the Eclipse website, mail list archives and googled trying to find one. We will be Eclipse developers soon, but first we need to get familiar with the basics. And we have a couple of questions such as

2) is there a way to add a Java package folder (i.e. an expanded JAR) to a Java Build Path Library list? I've searched and tried and only can get a JAR reference to work. Some of the packages we receive from our partners are in un-jarred form (I don't know why they distribute them this way, but they do). For now I'm JARring the package tree. JBuilder supports "required libraries" as either JARs or folders.

I read the post and HTML about supporting source and build output in multiply-rooted projects, and this looks like a great addition.

I'm extremely impressed with Eclipse. We build embedded Java hardware (including interpreted and native execution architectures) and are looking for an open source IDE on which to standardize and for which we can write plugins, wizards, etc. I think Eclipse will be it.


Bruce Boyes

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