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[jdt-dev] Source attachment enhancements

FYI, the following source attachment enhancements from JDT/Core are going
in the next integration build:

1. Source folder attachment: The source attachment mechanism got
generalized to all binary package fragment root. In the past, only archives
did support to carry a source attachment, in the form of a source archive.
Now, both binary folder or archive can be associated with sources, which
can be either a source archive or a source folder. In particular, mixed
modes are supported (binary archive associated to source folder and

2. Automatic root path detection ( If null is specified as
the root path (see JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(...) and
IPackageFragmentRoot.attachSource(...)), then the Java Model will do its
best to compute this root path automatically. The underlying algorithm
finds the first .java file, parses it, and extract the package declaration
to compute the root path.

3. Root path detection: The new API
sourceAttachmentPath) allows to detect the root path for a given source
attachment and package fragment root. This should help solve UI could detect the
root path in the JAR file. If one is detected, UI can attach the JAR to
itself with the computed root path.


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