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[jdt-dev] Candidates for 2.0.1

Enclosed a list of PRs we are planning to fix for 2.0.1. If you disagree
with this list please add your comments directly to the
corresponding PR or post additional PRs on the jdt-dev mailing list. In
case of no veto in the next 24 hours we will start fixing
the proposed PRs.

- The JDT/UI team
 2103 no P3 PC Adam_Kiezun@ot REOP     --- TVT2: Clashing mnemonics in  
 3    r                       Java -> Editor panel         
 2015 no P3 PC Daniel_Megert@ RESO FIX 2.1 Export into JAR incorrectly  
 3    r             E       references old description   
 1899 no P2 PC Dirk_Baeumer@o REOP     --- Typos                        
 4    r                                                   
 2117 tr P5 PC Erich_Gamma@ot NEW      --- Spelling error in "New Java  
 1    i                       Project" dialog box          
 2117 no P3 PC Martin_Aeschli NEW      --- Can't create new Project     
 3    r        mann@xxxxxxx                because empty string in "New 
 2121 tr P3 PC Erich_Gamma@ot NEW      --- Packages view Infopop        
 0    i                       message is not helpful       
                                           [package explor              
 2129 mi P3 PC Adam_Kiezun@ot REOP     --- Renaming (refactoring)       
 2    n                       boolean variables isX        
                                           renames to getX              
 2194 no P3 PC Erich_Gamma@ot NEW      --- NotPresentException in       
 1    r                       TestSuite wizard [JUnit]     
 2219 no P3 PC Erich_Gamma@ot NEW      --- Quick Fix broken due to bug  
 6    r                       21768 [quick fix]            

 2119 cr P3 PC Kai-Uwe_Maetze NEW    2.0 On JavaEditor dont use == in  
 8    i        l@xxxxxxx             .1  the isActivePart() method but 

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