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[jdt-dev] change a project to a java project

Hi all,

Sorry if this is not the right place for this question but I do have a 
question about how to use Eclipse (for java) with CVS. 

I have managed to use the CVs part of the eclipse from the examples. But when 
I want to import from the REpository a java project, it works fine (creating 
files and all the stuff) but this is not a java project. So I don't have the 
source dir set, the resources dir set ... 

So I can't see any package in package view, and it does not compile. (Java 
perspective) .

How should I get that project on my Workbench ? 

How can I convert a simple project into a java project ? 

(I do have some java projects on my box that are working properly with 
eclipse, but without using the Team perspective) 

Thanks alot ,

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