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[jdt-dev] How to use eclipse as an Java IDE on an existing project

I would like to use eclipse as a Java IDE for projects that we have already started.

1.  I would like to leave the directory hierarchy unchanged.
2.  I would like to decide which packages within the directory hierarchy I want to build.
3.  I would like to leave the class files in the same directory as the source files.



Package COM.lotus.coc.lib in /rd/COM/lotus/coc/lib
Package COM.lotus.coc.db in /rd/COM/lotus/coc/db
Package COM.lotus.coc.tool in /rd/COM/lotus/coc/tool

Note:  There are many other projects in the COM/lotus/coc directory hierarchy that I do not included in this project.

in lib I load getOpt.class (compiled from
in db I load openConnection.class (compiled from
in tool I have tool.class (with the main compiled from
in tool I also have other.class (compiled from
in tool I also have version.txt that I read from to build and then compile into version.class

In my source code control system (accurev) I have,,,, buildverjava.ksh, and version.txt

I have a makefile in COM/lotus/coc/tool that I use to compile my class files and generate (runs buildverjava.ksh with version.txt as input) to record tool version information.

eclipse will not let me build a new project from the class rool directory rd.  If I try to run in /rd/COM/lotus/coc/tool eclipse builds another directory hierarchy starting at COM.

Bill Masek
Software Architect
IBM Software Group/Lotus
(978) 399-5137
Tie: 333-5137

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