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[jdt-debug-dev] Nomination for Platform & JDT Debug Leads

As announced at last week's community Eclipse architecture meeting/call, I 
will be starting a new job soon. I am currently the lead for Platform and 
JDT Debug - however, in my new role I no longer intend to provide 
leadership for the debug components. (I'll still fix a few bugs and offer 
my opinion when I can :-). I'd like to nominate Pawel Piech as the new 
Platform Debug lead and Michael Rennie as the new JDT Debug lead.

Pawel has been contributing to, working on, and providing leadership in 
the Debug Platform for years. Many of you are quite familiar with and know 
Pawel already.

Michael has worked on various parts of the Debug Platform and JDT Debug 
over the years and is also well known for his efforts in developing the 
JSDT debugger.


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