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Re: [jdt-debug-dev] Released changes

Wait a minute... I've been looking over these changes and I don't understand 
them at all.

It looks like the breakpoint object hierarchy has been stripped down and 
we're back to using utility "classes" to extract marker attributes and our 
clients are back to manually pumping attributes into our breakpoint markers.

Unless I'm completely missing something this change seems to render our 
objects impotent. A watchpoint can no longer answer #getField()?

Can someone please explain the benefits of this change? I'm very turned off 
by this new model, but it might help if I knew what we were getting for it.

- Jared

On Sunday 20 January 2002 04:43 pm, you wrote:
> I have released changes for bug 7807 to
>         org.eclispe.debug.core
>         org.eclispe.jdt.debug
>         org.eclispe.jdt.debug.ui
>         org.eclispe.jdt.ui
> Darin

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