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Re: [jdt-core-dev] Current state of BETA_JAVA8

Hi Tom

We use the same process to ship Java 8 support as we did for Java 7: As soon as we have something usable for the community, we will provide feature patches. For Java 7, the first one appeared together with the 3.7 release, end of June. Shipping a preview as part of Kepler GA or in a 4.4 milestone is not possible for legal reasons. For Java 7, we had an almost feature-complete patch ready together with Java 7 GA and then officially delivered it in the next development milestone and in 3.7 SR1. Unfortunately, for Java 8 we will not be able to deliver all the IDE features when Java 8 goes GA. Our very ambitious goal is to have at least the compiler (ECJ) ready by then and also have the Java editor in a state that one can write Java 8 code. Other parts of the IDE, like Search, Refactoring and Quick Assist/Fix will only be feature-complete with Kepler SR2 or even 4.4 in 2014. There are several reasons for this delay:

The Java 8 umbrella JSR and the two JSRs that cover the major Java 8 features are still in the early draft stage. The two JSRs are still undergoing changes (we know, since we are part of the expert group) which affect the implementation (compiler, AST, etc). The umbrella JSRs, and probably the two others, are planned to go to public review only in May [1] and have to be approved by the JCP Executive Committee.

The JDT team lost 4 members with no overlap to train the new ones, which puts a high load on the remaining committers, reducing their ability to work on Java 8 full-time

The JDT Core team power and leadership changed by January 1, 2013 [2]

Note that other IDEs are in a different position since they do not implement the complete compiler, but instead use 'javac' to generate class files. You can also do this in Eclipse by disabling the Java Builder and instead register an Ant task that calls 'javac'. If you do that, you can write and compile Java 8 code inside Eclipse, but you won't get any IDE support.



From: Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: jdt-core-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 21.01.2013 22:37
Subject: Re: [jdt-core-dev] Current state of BETA_JAVA8

Hi Srikanth,

Thanks for the info although I hoped for better news, other IDEs already
have experimental support for Java8. Your answer leaves the impression
that you are not even sure you can ship a ECJ release in time of Java8
(not even speaking of Kepler).


Am 21.01.13 05:46, schrieb Srikanth S Adayapalam:
>> From: Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Sent by: jdt-core-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to give the BETA_JAVA8 branch a try today to test how lambda
>> and friends feel but although the editor marks no errors the generated
>> byte code is not working at all.
> It is going to be a quite a while before we are functionally complete. We
> have serious issues with staffing the effort - we have managed to build
> the team to full strength, but the team is still in training mode for the
> most part.
> the
> status.
> Srikanth
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