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[january-dev] Issue getting the target dependencies


I have problems to get the plug-ins for the target in January project. Would anyone be able to help me with some tips how I can sort the problem out.

I am using Eclipse Neon3 and have created a settings.xml file with my eclipse credentials and placed it in my .m2 folder as it said at link. So that resolved the problem with the repository, but still have zero plug-ings available in the target where it says that it is unable to locate installable unit 0.0.0 and unable to locate installable unit org.eclipse.equinox.laucher 0.0.0.

I have tried the website, and I am getting the following message:

Not Found

We're sorry, the page or file cannot be found. Here are some reasons why:

  • A file may have moved to the archives. Please contact the project members on their user forum.
  • Your file was part of a nightly or integration build which is no longer there. Simply download the latest version.
  • The project is uploading a new build, and this file is not there yet. Try again later


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