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Re: [january-dev] clone() vs System.arraycopy

I have only skimmed the article but he concludes:


This leads me to conclude that the only reason why Paul's test seemed so much faster was because he picked a byte[] size that was small enough that the actual copying was dwarfed by the two if statements. Using clone() for copying arrays is less code and the performance difference is, as we saw, only significant for tiny arrays. I think that in future I will rather use clone() than System.arrayCopy().




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January uses clone() quite a bit when duplicating large primitive arrays. For one of many instances see FloatDataset:

odata = data = "">


However System.arraycopy is ~5x faster according to:


Are there any plans to migrate from clone to arraycopy? Or do I have to submit a PR to do that? I might ask one of the team here to submit that change if you agree, please let me know you thoughts.





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