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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] Possible concern regarding Persistence 3.2 tests seemingly running only in SE mode


At the Platform call this week (and two weeks ago) we discussed how the Platform TCK refactoring is not complete yet, in fact we are looking at the JPA test vehicles and considering how we will need to avoid updating the already balloted/released (SE mode) JPA tests that we will want to extend for use with testing EE 11 implementations. 

While Hibernate ORM + EclipseLink need to pass the Standalone JPA TCK tests, GlassFish does not.  In fact, Persistence providers like Hibernate ORM/EclipseLink/OpenJPA/DataNucleus/others are not EE implementations so they cannot deploy EE archives.

Hope this helps.


On 5/29/24 11:51 AM, Arjan Tijms via jakartaee-tck-dev wrote:

I was trying to get the Persistence TCK to run on GlassFish. I didn't get very far, and on the TCK Slack channel Lukas directed me to:


Unfortunately these all don't even start up the server (GlassFish in our case) and solely run in Java SE mode against a Derby database.

The userguide for the persistence 3.2 TCK does say this:

"The Persistence TCK is a portable, configurable automated test suite for verifying the compatibility of a vendor’s implementation of the Persistence 3.2 Specification (hereafter referred to as the vendor implementation or VI). The Persistence TCK uses the Junit framework to run the test suite along with Arquillian to run container tests."

However, looking at the source code, I can't find any deployment method specific to Arquillian. Searching for "arquillian" in the source (I take is the canonical source?) there's only a few references to it in pom files, but nothing explains or demonstrates how the Jakarta Persistence TCK should be run inside a Jakarta EE container.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I truly hope I'm overlooking something and the TCK wasn't re-designed with only Java SE in mind.

As GlassFish, and I think other EE servers are kinda mandated (see previous discussions) to duplicate thousands and thousands of lines of code from the Jakarta Persistence implementation (e.g. persistence.xml parsing, setting up the persistence unit etc) only testing in Java SE mode of the persistence implementation jar files says very little about how it works inside a Jakarta EE server.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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