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[jakartaee-tck-dev] The Platform TCK repository has been migrated to

The Platform TCK repository is now under `jakartaee` [1].  Previously it was under `eclipse-ee4j` [2].  References to the old Platform TCK repository [2] will be automatically redirected to the new repository [1].

You can use the `git remote set-url` command [3] against your local clone of the Platform TCK repository to use the new repository directly (this may be useful if your git tooling doesn't support redirection to the new repo).
If you are a Platform TCK committer, use `git remote set-url origin git@xxxxxxxxxx:jakartaee/jakartaee-tck.git`.

If you are not a Platform TCK committer, use `git remote set-url origin`.

The helpdesk issue for moving the Platform TCK repository is [4].


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