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[jakartaee-tck-dev] EE 10 recognition for those that created (merged) pull requests + preparing for next EE release...

Big thank you to Platform TCK Contributors

A big thank you for all of those that created pull requests for EE 10 that were merged.  Below is a sorted list of those that contributed those pull requests:

Alwin Joseph
Andrea Boriero
Arjan Tijms
Aymen Naghmouchi
Bauke Scholtz
Brian Decker
Christian Beikov
Darran Lofthouse
David Kral
David Matějček
Ed Bratt
Gurunandan Rao
Jean-Louis Monteiro
Joakim Erdfelt
Jorge Bescos Gascon
Kalin Chan
Kyle Aure
Lukas Jungmann
Mark Thomas
Ondro Mihályi
Piotr Żygieło
Scott Kurz
Scott Marlow
Scott Stark
Suhrid Karthik
Tomáš Kraus
Volodymyr Siedlecki

Also a big thank you to Gurunandan Rao for running most of the GlassFish test runs (from what I recall), others pitched in as well but I definitely saw Guru's name as the author of most of the TCK test results.

Also a big thank you to Scott Stark for contributing the Core Profile TCK!

Also a big thank you to all of the other contributors that created issues, showed up to Platform TCK calls and participated on this email list.  All of you made time for contributing to the TCK effort which helped! 

Also a big thank you all of the EE 10 implementations regardless of their current state.  We should all create issues + pull requests for correcting TCK User Guides + improving tests as we run into issues.

Preparing for next EE release

We have a lot to talk about regarding modernizing the Platform TCK tests.  One suggestion is that we keep the `master` branch referencing EE 10 as long as possible so we can validate the work that we do to refactor TCKs by running the Platform TCK against an EE 10 implementation.  Once we start adding in new SPEC APIs, we will lose the ability to validate that the Platform TCK code is correct until we have implementations for the next EE release to test against (I think for EE 10 we were mostly blocked on such testing from early fall of 2021 to May of 2022).

Perhaps we can have the standalone TCK build script use new SPEC APIs (to support the ballot process) while having the Full Platform/Web Profile TCK build script continue to use the EE 10 SPEC APIs.

We also want to fit in time for adding tests for new EE features but hopefully those will only be done on the refactored TCKs.

I think we learned a lot during the EE 10 release cycle that we can carry forward into the next EE development cycle.  I have heard critical feedback that we didn't have enough early participation on the TCKs split out to separate SPEC repositories, which I agree with.  One suggestion for improvement is to keep refactored TCK tests in the Platform TCK until all of the relevant tests are also refactored (or removed).  There are other options as well but making this change will ensure we don't require those currently running Platform TCK tests needing to switch their TCK configuration settings to match a completely different Standalone TCK configuration file (this was a big pain point).

EE 10 TCK Challenges is created for dealing with any EE 10 Platform TCK challenges.  We need to update the (EFTL) jobs on to use the new branch (we might want to create the jobs against the `master` branch as well).  I didn't see a need for the EPL jobs since we don't (yet) push Platform TCKs to maven central. 


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