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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] [jakartaee-platform-dev] Latest CU results with Eclipse GlassFish

Since no one has spoken up against running the `ee.jakarta.tck.concurrent.spec.ManagedExecutorService.resourcedef.ManagedExecutorDefinitionWebTests.testCopyCompletableFutureEJB` test separately, I think we should try that in our Platform TCK CI environment. 

Any volunteers to update (+ rename to suite-web-group1.xml) to exclude the `ee.jakarta.tck.concurrent.spec.ManagedExecutorService.resourcedef.ManagedExecutorDefinitionWebTests.testCopyCompletableFutureEJB` test and add a that does run `ee.jakarta.tck.concurrent.spec.ManagedExecutorService.resourcedef.ManagedExecutorDefinitionWebTests.testCopyCompletableFutureEJB`?

Then we just need to invoke the suite-web-group1.xml tests first and then the suite-web-group2.xml tests (perhaps just copy each of these files to suite-web.xml and run Web Profile tests).  Or if you have a better way, that is fine also.


On 8/11/22 8:33 AM, Scott Marlow wrote:


Thanks for sending this note.

I find Ondro's comment to be very interesting in that we may have a workaround of running the ee.jakarta.tck.concurrent.spec.ManagedExecutorService.resourcedef.ManagedExecutorDefinitionWebTests.testCopyCompletableFutureEJB test separately so it won't fail.

That sounds like a valid workaround to me.  If anyone disagrees please comment on the issue as to why. 


On 8/10/22 11:17 AM, Ed Bratt wrote:

In the Platform Committer team meeting yesterday, we were discussing the latest updates with Concurrency Utilities and the impact on Eclipse GlassFish 7.

The revised CU TCK (3.0.2) was run against GlassFish 7 (latest snapshot) and there is still one test failure. The issue discription is captured in GlassFish Issue 24509. GlassFish and TCK teams are currently working to determine if this is an issue that can be resolved in GlassFish.

You can view the latest status via the issue conversation.


-- Ed

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