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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] Update Platform TCK User Guide to mention that entity beans and embeddable container implementations may still be tested with Platform TCK... is for updating the Platform TCK release notes to refer to EE 10 instead of EE 9.1 (e.g. rename ReleaseNotes-JakartaEETCK-9.1.html to ReleaseNotes-JakartaEETCK-10.0.html and change content to the same and update date).

This one is pretty simple, just rename the file, open the renamed file with your favorite html editor, make changes and save them, create a pull request, easy!


On 8/2/22 9:19 AM, Scott Marlow wrote: is building the (Jakarta EE 10) Platform TCK now with the [1] change.

On 8/1/22 2:23 PM, Scott Marlow wrote:


[1] is for updating the Platform TCK user guide documentation to better explain how Enterprise Beans entity beans + embeddable container implementations can still be tested via the Platform TCK even though the Jakarta EE 10 Platform removes entity beans + embeddable container (see [1] for links to EE 10 release plan where this was discussed).  Also note that class `jakarta.ejb.embeddable` is still validated as being part of Jakarta Enterprise Beans SPEC API. 



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