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[jakartaee-tck-dev] jakartaee10/staged/eftl/ versus jakartaee-tck/jakartaee10/promoted/eftl


We have been maintaining separate Platform TCK download folders for staged [1] + promoted [2] TCKs.  There are some non-Platform (TCK) TCKs also in the staged [1] + promoted [2] download folder that probably should of been promoted to the Specification download folder by the Specification Committee by now as part of the respective spec ballots (perhaps they have been already or will be as part of the Full Platform ballot). 

In the GlassFish 7.0 M7 CCR [3] I can see some TCKs are in the staged [1] location (e.g. [4][5][6][7][8][9]) and others are in the promoted [2] location (e.g. [10][11][12]).

After EE 10, it would be good to stop using the `promoted` [2] folder if that is not really needed, such that we only would have a staged TCK download folder.  Perhaps we only need to generate the EPL TCKs as well, since the Specification Committee deals with converting the EPL => EFTL license during the official promoting of TCKs.

For EE 10, I think that the Standalone TCKs that have a zero at the end are likely to be equal to the Specification TCK that have already been promoted with the respective ballot but all of these should be verified and updated to the already promoted TCKs.  For the other ones that haven't been promoted yet, new pull requests (including update to new TCK version) should be created for each referenced specification via [13].

I'll update [3] to reference this email discussion and summarize what I think needs to change there as well.



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