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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Platform TCK 10.0.0-RC1 tag pushed...


I pushed an initial Platform TCK tag for `10.0.0-RC1` [1].  If more Platform TCK changes are needed for EE 10, we can create additional tags.

Eventually we will tag the Platform TCK repo for `10.0.0` to correspond with the final promoted [2] that will be based on the staged [3] (current staged Platform TCK has SHA-256 (`62a9cbbf46315ef4b5487fdbdf6e628d272fa3ace9148c5716ba57ea4415df19`).

There is a GlassFish 7.0 compatibility certification request (CCR) for Full Platform [4] and we can expect to see similar CCR for Web Profile soon. 

Please note that the current staged [3] Platform TCK build information is shown in [5][6], I'm including the TCK build information in this email in case we have to make further Platform TCK changes and stage a new Platform TCK, having a copy of the current staged Platform TCK SHA-256 hash may be useful later.

We expect to see a pull request merged soon to address Concurrency TCK issue 244 [7] that will help GlassFish 7.0 (Web Profile) pass the (to be staged) Concurrency TCK.  We also need to see GlassFish 7.0 (Full Platform) pass the (to be staged) Concurrency TCK.

GlassFish 7.0 should also be able to pass the Core Profile TCK but we already have CCRs created to cover that with WildFly via [9][10] (need updates to reflect latest staged Core Profile TCK SHA-256).  The TCK runner job for WildFly is in the Platform TCK CI [11].

FYI, I'll be away from the computer next week (July 18-22).


[6] "***********************************************************************************

***                        TCK bundle information                               ***
*** Name:                                     ***
*** Bundle Copied to URL: ***
*** Date and size: date: 2022-06-29 20:41:57.000000000 +0000, size(b): 527490353        ***
*** SHA256SUM: 62a9cbbf46315ef4b5487fdbdf6e628d272fa3ace9148c5716ba57ea4415df19 ***
***                                                                             ***

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