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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Did GlassFish ever pass ContainerEventTest#testProcessInjectionTargetEventFiredForTagHandler


There's an amount of tests in the CDI TCK quite mysteriously failing for GlassFish (which uses Weld).

Some of them are quite unexpected, as they are a decade olds tests. For instance, consider


This tests whether a JspTag instance is injected. This sounds reasonable, but seemingly a JspTag in GlassFish is never created during boot, but only lazily via generated code in a JSP, i.e. the following:

        for (String tagHandlerPoolName : tagHandlerPoolNames) {
            out.print(" = org.glassfish.wasp.runtime.TagHandlerPool.getTagHandlerPool(");
            if (ctxt.isTagFile()) {
            } else {

The test creates this deployment:

    public static WebArchive createTestArchive() {
        return new WebArchiveBuilder().withTestClassPackage(ContainerEventTest.class)
                .withWebResource("faces-config.xml", "/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml")
                .withWebResource("TestLibrary.tld", "WEB-INF/TestLibrary.tld").build();

And the test is this:

 @Test(groups = INTEGRATION)
    @SpecAssertions({ @SpecAssertion(section = PROCESS_INJECTION_TARGET_EE, id = "aad"), @SpecAssertion(section = PROCESS_INJECTION_TARGET_EE, id = "abd"),
            @SpecAssertion(section = BEAN_DISCOVERY_STEPS_EE, id = "bf") })
    public void testProcessInjectionTargetEventFiredForTagHandler() {

There's no .jsp file in the archive, and there is no .jsp file called. I can probably rebuild some parts of GlassFish to instantiate JSP tags eagerly to pass this test, but I wonder mostly how this could have ever worked and passed before?

Maybe I'm missing something and that tests or its family were somehow excluded?


Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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