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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] [External] : Generating user guide for platform?

Ok, so that uses the default goal of package, but the latest generated pdf on that job is showing many of the same problems. It has something of a TOC, but it is not complete, and the asciidoc tags are not being processed. It looks like the src/main/jbake/content is being processed by the asciidoc plugin rather than ${}/book

I'll look into it.

On May 27, 2022 at 6:49:20 AM, Gurunandan Rao <gurunandan.rao@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We use CI job - to build UG.we can use the same job with our own branch or clone the job.

I have generated UG using master branch -

If there are issues with generated UG, we need to  validate if there are breakages with tags.


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Based on the user_guides/jakartaee/ I should just be able to generate the guide using mvn generate-resources from that directory, but the pdf that is produced in user_guides/jakartaee/target/generated-docs/Jakarta-EE-TCK-Users-Guide.pdf has none of the asciidoc markup processed, no TOC, etc.

The html content in user_guides/jakartaee/target/staging/install.html looks fine.

Is there another way to build the pdf version?

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