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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Committer Election for Ondro Mihalyi on Jakarta EE TCK has started

A committer election for Ondro Mihalyi on project Jakarta EE TCK
(ee4j.jakartaee-tck) was started by Scott Marlow with this criteria:

Ondro Mihályi has contributed to the Jakarta EE Platform TCK, Batch TCK and
has already made an impact on these projects.

Ondro published
which describes possible ways to use Arquillian in Jakarta EE TCKs (2020).

Ondro is a developer and consultant specializing in combining standard and
proven tools to solve new and challenging problems. He's also an experienced
lecturer, a Scrum master and expert in Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

As an experienced Java developer and trainer, he's also helped companies to
build and educate their development teams and improve their development
processes. He currently works for Payara Services, helping their customers
and the wider Java community with their projects based on the Payara

He's a member of several opensource projects, a leader of the Czech Java User
Group and a Java Champion.

Ondro is a regular conference speaker at international conferences. Since
2016, he's presented at the following conferences:

     JavaOne, San Francisco, USA (years 2016, 2017)
     Oracle CodeOne, San Francisco, USA (years 2018, 2019)
     Devoxx, London, UK (year 2017)
     Devoxx, Antwerp, Belgium (year 2018)
     JFokus, Stockholm, Sweden (year 2019)
     GeeCon, Prague, Czechia (years 2016, 2019)
     GeeCon, Krakow, Poland (year 2017)
     Devops Con, Munich, Germany (year 2019)
     Java2Days, Sofia, Bulgaria (years 2016, 2018)
     W-JAX, Munich, Germany (years 2016, 2017)
     Java Developer Days, Krakow, Poland (year 2016)
     Oracle Code, Prague, Czechia (year 2017)
     JPrime, Sofia, Bulgaria (years 2017, 2018)
     Bed-Con, Berlin, Germany (year 2017)
     Oredev, Malmo, Sweden (year 2017)
     Devoxx, Casablanca, Morocco (year 2017)
     JavaLand, Bruehl, Germany (year 2018)
     EclipseCon, France (year 2018)

Ondro has created the following (related) merged pull requests: - Add GlassFish Batch
TCK runner - Add Messaging tests
for repeatable annotations - Messaging 3.1 - TCK
guide update - Add EJB runner to
platform/Arquillian path as a separate failsafe execution - Arquillian porting
package improvements - Convert tests to JUnit 5 - Issue #15 - Run Signature
Test from maven also on JDK 11

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the
team, it is my pleasure to nominate Ondro Mihályi as a committer on Jakarta

Jakarta EE TCK project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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