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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] heads up about needed Enterprise Java Beans Platform TCK test changes needed for EE 10...

The pull requests are approved and will be merged so that we can get test results with the changes.  Please do review the changes still though so that we can make further changes if needed.


On 5/12/22 11:00 AM, Scott Marlow wrote:

As per the Platform TCK failures (ejb30/ejb32) that GlassFish 7 is seeing [1], we need (Enterprise Beans) TCK test changes to address [2][3][4].  The changes [5][6] are ready for review, please add your questions/comments.

We would like to merge these changes soon so please respond if you will be able to review [5][6] so we know to wait for your review.



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