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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Running JSONP TCK in a container

As part of the Core Profile TCK I am experimenting with running the JSONP/JSONB TCKs within the Core Profile compatible implementation being tested. I used a simplified version of what was done in the Jakarta Batch TCK to pull the Junit5 tests into a shrink-wrap archive that can be used by a managed/remote Arquillian container. The current in progress Core Profile TCK repo can be found here:

In that repo, contents has the Arquillian extension to bundle the JSONP TCK.

An example of how this would be used is this maven runner for WildFly:

Each profile in the pom.xml runs a different standalone TCK in a WildFly container. The jsonp-tck profile passes save for this challenged test:

It works, but it is a bit tedious to setup the dependencies to avoid CNFEs and related errors on the server, which are also not propagated back well. I just view this as more prototyping for input into requirements around the next generation TCK effort.


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