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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] WIP TCK Servlet with Arquillian

On 3/16/22 1:59 AM, Olivier Lamy wrote:
I finally rolled up my sleeves and made some changes for the TCK servlet to be able to run using Arquillian.
This is an early stage but it works (for only a limited number of tests at this time).
To be honest right now, there are only two classes with 19 tests :) (but I'm currently looking at adding few more)
Just search the class with @ExtendWith(ArquillianExtension.class) 
It requires some local build if you want to test that. is looking good so far, nice start!

TCK changes are in my fork 

I haven;t changed everything I'd like to change (such as simplification of some parts, using jdk httpclient, a lot of cleanup as it's now jdk11 level, using more test asserts etc...)
I have left some class dependencies in the libutil module.
Ideally I'd like to remove this as well to have only a single module. but I don;t really very strong opinion.

Please let me know what do you think (and remember it's only a start to make part of the current code working with Arquillian and this can (need to) be improved a lot!)


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