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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Congratulations, Jakarta EE 9.1 is RELEASED!!!

A big congratulations to all involved with the release of Jakarta EE 9.1 [1] and everything that it is built on!!!

Also a big thank you to the community that contributed to the Jakarta EE Platform 9.1 TCK changes in different ways.  Whether that is discussing the TCKs on the mailing lists, creating pull requests, issues or just showing up in other ways to help!  

An even bigger thank you to the following individuals for their Jakarta EE 9.1 Platform TCK changes:

Alwin Joseph
Andy McCright
Arjan Tijms
Andrii Serkes
Brian Decker
David Blevins
David Kral
Ed Bratt
Gurunandan Rao
Hussain NM
Jan Supol
Jean-Louis Monteiro
Lukas Jungmann
Mark Thomas
Radek Felcman
Rohit Kumar Jain
Scott Marlow
Suhrid Karthik
Thibault Vallin

Are there documentation updates that you would of liked to make but ran out of time?  For small doc additions, we have [2] for adding such small notes.

If you identify any TCK issues running on JDK12+ that require changes to the TCK tests to work on JDK12+, we have tracking project [3] so we can coordinate improving the referenced TCK tests.



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