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[jakartaee-tck-dev] Being green and reducing our Jenkins CI usage...


I heard some general feedback that we are consuming more resources than expected with our jakartaee-tck environment.  I don't have specifics at the moment but am thinking that we could update the jakartaeetck-nightly-build-master [1] job to only run if a change was merged to the TCK repo [2].  Any volunteers from the committers to work on this change?  Only the committers have permissions to update the Jenkins job [1] to poll the SCM (git).

I also have been thinking about further changes to the JNLP memory settings in [3].  More specifically, we could try reducing the -Xmx2048m setting to a lower value that is still higher than the -Xmx512m that we previously used, it is guesswork mostly.  If we switched to -Xmx1024m, we likely will use more cpu (e.g. running more frequent GCs) but that might free up other VM/OS level memory for kernel use.  We would need to measure the before/after result of such a change.  If the TCK runs are faster with this change, we would it keep it.  If the TCK runs are slower or have more test failures, we would revert it.





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