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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] [DISCUSS] Include Jakarta MVC in EE 11

Well, everyone has just one vote and nobody has a veto.

Of course for platform additions there's a "filibuster" kind of
requirement with a super majority, which is also why I am not sure, if
removing rarely used specs from the Web Profile is going to happen so soon.

I'm also not sure, if adding it to the Web Profile would help, since MVC
has the charm of little overhead and only REST as a crucial dependency,
so it even works as an optional feature to the Core Profile for
"Self-Contained Systems" with a UI.

On 17.07.2023 21:47, Scott Stark via jakartaee-platform-dev wrote:
So a query of our WildFly development team has resulted in them not
wanting to be forced to support this at a platform or profile level as
they simply see no demand for it. While there is integration with
RESTeasy available, we get no usage numbers from that module. They
have suggested creating an experimental feature pack to gather Red Hat
community interest in non-platform/profile specifications. The
following Red Hat issue will track the feature pack:

For EE11 this means that Red Hat will vote against inclusion of MVC in
either the platform or a profile.

On Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 9:09 PM Edward Burns via
jakartaee-platform-dev <jakartaee-platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Platform Dev,

I have attempted to capture prior discussion about this topic from the following sources:

Agendas: Previous agenda google docs




GitHub Issue: The corresponding issue in
Platform-dev Archive: Any mails on the archive at



o   Jakarta MVC

§  Inclusion history

·        Only one impl? But the one impl is designed to be cross-runtime already (Rest Easy or Jersey).

·        Nobody is using it?

·        Nobody is requesting it?

o   One implementation (Eclipse Krazo) that comes in two flavors: RESTEasy and Jersey

§  TCK passes on GlassFish, WildFly and Open Liberty

o   Spec is mature currently 2.1, ready for EE 11?

o   Good lightweight complement to Jakarta Faces

o   Builds on Jakarta REST

o   A 3.0 is planned in the EE 11 timeframe

Jakarta MVC 2.1 will not be added to the Web Profile for Jakarta EE 10


§  MVC - lazy loading, partial page load

GitHub Issue

There is no discussion in the GitHub issue

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