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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] platform-685: Wave discussion

This is a fundamental issue that requires coordination between the
component spec and the target component spec project that the former
is attempting to define integration requirements for. It is the reason
why we have TCKs with circular dependencies. To clean this up, we need
to break up both specifications and TCK artifacts to align with the
target specification dependencies. Those spec fragments and TCK
artifacts should be released with the most downstream wave component

The current specification project structure is not great for this as
there are no cross projects committers or permissions. You have to be
a committer on each component project.

It seems most natural for a component specifications integration
requirements to live in the platform project. The profile and platform
specification can override these anyway, but in terms of structural
dependencies that is what makes the most sense to us. The TCK
artifacts should have a repo in the platform TCK project. This will
require updates to how the project management guides, and probably
more committers or permission groups to the platform and platform tck

On Tue, May 30, 2023 at 9:18 AM Arjan Tijms <arjan.tijms@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week we discussed the waves to release Jakarta EE APIs in.
> Historically we have been looking at Maven dependencies, but there are also dependencies via the specification documentations. E.g. Jakarta Authentication has no API dependencies on Servlet and SOAP, but the specification documentation very strongly depends on them.
> Would we like to take that into account this time?
> Kind regards,
> Arjan Tijms
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