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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] about Virtual Threads in Jakarta EE 11

I suspect most of the impact is really in the implementation layer rather than the API layer. This is mostly because traditionally Jakarta EE has abstracted multi-threading anyway.

The most concrete end result may be that we rethink priorities in terms of adding more reactive/non-blocking/NIO APIs into the platform. That said, one area of exploration is whether there is a need to have a managed version of virtual threads. I suspect since they are not as heavyweight, using them directly in Jakarta EE applications is fine.

I am curious too what vendor innovations/analysis may happen though.

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Subject: [jakartaee-platform-dev] about Virtual Threads in Jakarta EE 11

Hi all,

I watched the video of the Jakarta EE Monthly Platform Architecture Call on February 7th.

According to my understanding, current application servers use the NIO framework to handle network requests, for example, glassfish uses grizzly. When Virtual Threads is introduced, it will have a big impact on the implementation architecture of existing application servers. Glassfish will abandon grizzly and re-implement it with a blocking API.

It seems that this meeting did not discuss how Jakarta EE 11 will use Virtual Threads. I would like to know what the working group thinks about it. Thanks!

Best regards,


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