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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Loom update for EE Architecture meeting (Feedback please)

Hi there,

Alan Bateman and Ron Pressler from the JDK team have agreed to provide a 30 minute Loom update at our next planned EE Architecture meeting (Nov. 7th, 8 AM (PST))[1].

Please help promote the meeting by telling your colleagues, especially Spec. leads you work with to mark this on their calendar.

They would like to know if there are specific topics or feature areas that we'd like them to focus in on. In the meeting some specific topics were suggested: Thread Local usage in Jakarta EE; Jakarta Concurrency related implications.

Could I get some feedback from the group (regardless if you were present this morning) about questions, topic areas, etc. that you would like to hear about?

Background and status links:

If you want to familiarize yourself with this topic ahead of time, there is lots of coverage about Loom on the Java YouTube channel --  There have also been recent conference talks, for example at QCon in Nov.

No need to dive into any of these details -- what questions do you have about Loom, Java Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency that you'd like to hear the lead architects talk about?

-- Ed

[1] -- Here's the link to the Jakarta EE Working Group calendar -- the monthly Architecture group meeting reminder is included on this calendar.

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