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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta EE next


Just a few ideas,

@CrossOrigin - configurable CORS annotation. Should support Rest and Servlet based methods and classes. Should also support something like apply to everything, maybe even EL etc. I know it is easy to write a custom filter but i think a standard way for doing this would be nice.

I would also like to see interceptors being applied to methods using EL. 

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On 09.09.2022., at 13:25, Steve Millidge (Payara) <steve.millidge@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,


The steering committee have tasked me, as a platform project committer,  to work in the Platform project, to get what  are our top objectives at the platform level for the next version of Jakarta EE.


I assume we can break this down into  Core, Full and Web. What do you think the best approach is to coming up with top project objectives for Jakarta EE next?



For context – this is part of a wider initiative to develop a narrative about the next release at the steering committee level which can be used to provide Early release positioning and messaging as well as setting some direction to individual api projects.




Steve Millidge

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