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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Retire EJB-Lite from web profile?

First if this is a road people wanted to go down then it would first have to be deprecated from Web profile as it is a major breaking change so Jakarta EE 11 is too soon. Second there isn’t currently a CDI mechanism for doing every thing that is done with EJB-lite. Therefore I think we need to have CDI equivalents for capabilities of Session beans. These could be spread between different specifications e.g. @Pooled into concurrency. Finally use of the @RunAs, @RolesAllowed etc. needs to be normalised across specs to ensure behaviour would be equivalent on a CDI bean as it would be on an EJB in all specifications.


Ultimately it may be possible to replace @Stateless with a stereotype that includes a bunch of other relevant interceptor annotations to get the same behaviour as a Stateless EJB on a CDI bean.




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How would EJB-Lite compatibility be validated? By continuing to maintain a well defined set of test modules in the full platform TCK?


That's the main concern that quickly comes to mind; that the EJB Lite concept kind of rots a bit because specific testing of it falls apart.  But that seems like a problem that's easy enough to avoid.


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With Concurrency being added to the web profile of Jakarta EE 10, and the focus in Jakarta EE 10 dramatically having shifted away from EJB and towards CDI, do we still need EJB-Lite in the web profile?


Obviously vendors can still add EJB-Lite to their web profile offering, just as the sole web-profile only product does today, but should EJB-Lite still be a requirement going forward for EE 11?




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