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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] 10.0.0 API jars updated

I updated the jQA reports with the new version and put the results with some details in the existing issue:

Best, Jan

Am 18.05.22 um 19:49 schrieb Scott Stark:
New version of the EE10 API jars have been staged to include the CDI 4.0.1 update that remove the javadoc dependencies on transactions and ejb. The core profile jars are in:

The dependency information for the core profile is now:

[INFO] Building Jakarta EE Core Profile API 10.0.0-SNAPSHOT

[INFO] --------------------------------[ jar ]---------------------------------


[INFO] --- maven-dependency-plugin:2.8:tree (default-cli) @ jakarta.jakartaee-core-api ---

[INFO] jakarta.platform:jakarta.jakartaee-core-api:jar:10.0.0-SNAPSHOT

[INFO] +-

[INFO] +- jakarta.json:jakarta.json-api:jar:2.1.0:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.json.bind:jakarta.json.bind-api:jar:3.0.0:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.annotation:jakarta.annotation-api:jar:2.1.0:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.interceptor:jakarta.interceptor-api:jar:2.1.0:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.enterprise:jakarta.enterprise.cdi-api:jar:4.0.1:compile

[INFO] |  \- jakarta.enterprise:jakarta.enterprise.lang-model:jar:4.0.1:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.inject:jakarta.inject-api:jar:2.0.1:compile

[INFO] +- jakarta.xml.bind:jakarta.xml.bind-api:jar:4.0.0:provided

[INFO] |  \- jakarta.activation:jakarta.activation-api:jar:2.1.0:provided

[INFO] \- jakarta.el:jakarta.el-api:jar:5.0.0:provided

jakarta.el:jakarta.el-api:jar:5.0.0 still is needed as a provided optional dependency due to the use of jakarta.el-api in the CDI BeanManager interface. I have created an issue to investigate how to cleanly separate out this dependency from CDI Lite in a future release.

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