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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta Batch + CDI integration POLL - early results discussion


Romain Manni-Bucau
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Le lun. 22 nov. 2021 à 16:04, Scott Kurz <skurz@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Though the Jakarta EE Twitter account only shared the poll late Friday, let me share an early analysis of the votes.

Since Option 3 has the most votes (out of only 40), let's discuss how to react to this.

Arguably we should wait and close the vote first.  But since we're out of time and it's a holiday week in the U.S. (I'm out 11/24-11/28), I'd like to keep at least looking ahea.
(I don't think discussing before the vote ends biases things any....presumably anyone reading this email would've already voted).

So out of 40 votes so far we have:

Option 1:  25 %          
Option 2:  20 %
Option 3:  55 %

(The numbers before I added the guidance were 24 votes total,  (38%, 21%, 42%).... so not radically different, same relative ranking).

I propose that we:

* go ahead with Option  for Batch 2.1, EE 10, formalizing the status quo
* consider this useful input to the platform for future releases, post-EE 10 , e.g. for specs like Batch (obviously) & REST


1. Assuming we were to offer Option 3 at some point in the future, I don't see that standardizing on the status quo now would make backwards compatibility any harder, (since as the status quo, we have to consider back compatibility with option 2 anyway).   But we'd have more time to discuss how to mitigate compatibility issues as well as decide if we truly want to go in this direction.

2. We are realistically out of time to do Option 3 at this point unless we want to argue to push back all of EE 10 (or pull Batch out).

3. Finally, I do think specifying Option 2 in EE 10 is a useful step forwards compared to the option of simply doing nothing.   We'd be clarifying the very confusing DI but not necessarily CDI situation from Batch 1.0, explaining to a new impl what Batch + CDI integration should look like, and adding some TCK tests to verify this.

So we don't have to consider this a final decision.. but wanted to get these thoughts out there.

Thanks for helping with this decision,

Scott Kurz
WebSphere / Open Liberty Batch and Developer Experience

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