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[jakartaee-platform-dev] specification document html version generation settings

FYI, I created the following issue on the Jakarta Connectors project about the excessively large html version of the spec that is being created: 

It seems like specs that were generated from the original JCA based Adobe Illustrator exports have very large image sizes and are using a <data-uri /> setting in the asciidoctor-maven-plugin setting to embed images into the html document. Just turning that off reduced the generated html size from ~59Mb to 1.1Mb. The CDI specification does not do this, so it is likely just a setting inherited from some initial project import.

It seems that files above about 50Mb are not being downloaded completely by the EF infrastructure. Beyond that problem, such a large html file kind of defeats the purpose of producing a streamable version of the specification.

The image sizes could also be reduced by several Mbs by exporting them as low quality jpgs instead of high quality without any noticeable loss in resolution to also reduce the generated pdf file size.

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