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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Question about meaning of `initialize-in-order` when application deployment may be multi-threaded...

I think the original purpose of <initialize-in-order>was to provide order where none was previously defined.  The module initialization was (and still is) undefined back in Java EE 5/6 days.  By introducing this element, the user has some control over the ordering of the module initialization for their application.  A common usage was to initialize some database tables with an early initialized module and then these would be ready for use by the later modules.

Since it's defined by the spec, I bet most (all?) of the major implementations provide this functionality.  But, since these implementations also most likely provide their own deployment mechanisms, they probably also provide other mechanisms to control the ordering of module initialization.  Does the TCK have tests for this element?

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Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [jakartaee-platform-dev] Question about meaning of `initialize-in-order` when application deployment may be multi-threaded...
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I am trying to understand the original purpose of `initialize-in-order` [1] which seems likely to be implementation specific.  It is pretty clearly written to assume that top/sub modules are deployed in a specific ordering that the user specifies but there are no Jakarta EE Platform requirements that a single deployment thread is used, so its not really clear how [1] should be accomplished when multiple threads are used for deployment.
Do any EE implementations that handle deployment via multiple threads also support `initialize-in-order` [1] controlling the order that the multiple threads deploy each (sub)module in?
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