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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Java SE 11 question - more written exchange if possible


We had an interesting discussion today regarding Java SE 11 on API and the impact.
A lot of people jumped in, sometimes saying the same thing, sometimes not. 
Sometimes because they were not agreeing, sometimes they were not talking about the same thing.

* Semantic versioning (aka run a old app on a new runtime)
* Source compatibility - if I use a new Java SE 11 jars with Java 11 feature, I need to update also my JDK
* If I use a new binary, then I need to upgrade my runtime.

Overall, there are too many people around the table to allow everyone to speak up. And some people feel less confident to speak during calls but would have a good opinion to share.

I had that same feeling in the past and wanted to raise the point already, so here we are.
I think we should start those discussions first in a written manner and openly on mailing lists so the brainstorming can happen there.

During calls, we can recap, clarify, and keep going with discussion, but at least everyone would be able to speak up.

We would probably also be able to cover a bit more during calls.

Brainstorming here but I'm not sure this is what we want. And I'm good with it if that's the case. 
I was wondering if we could improve our productivity and take the most from our calls.

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