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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Update regarding guidance on how to produce standalone TCKs for Jakarta EE 10...

BCC: jakartaee-tck-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

[2] links to a proposal on producing Jakarta EE 10 standalone TCKs.  Everyone with a google account should have the ability to comment on the document.  I know that some Specification teams are looking at using different test harnesses (TestNG, JUnit5 and some testing with EE containers) which are mentioned as options in [2]. 

IMO, there are unknown costs to updating the Platform TCK to work with different test harnesses but if we get volunteers to help integrate different test harnesses, that will reduce the time to release a Platform TCK based on EE 10.  I'm speaking to everyone reading this email, you don't have to be a Platform TCK committer to jump in and help us reach the Platform TCK milestone1 goal mentioned in [2].



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