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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] [] Jakarta EE 9.1 content

It has been a while since Java SE 11. We are now almost on the cusp of Java SE 17. I think it is best to keep the scope narrow and deliver Jakarta EE 9 quickly.

Reza Rahman
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Now that Jakarta EE 9 is in the bag, we need to provide immediate focus on Jakarta EE 9.1.  I have started a Google Doc with some ideas relating to Jakarta EE 9.1.  This is not a "Release Plan", per se.  That will come later.  These are some of the collected thoughts about the content for Jakarta EE 9.1.  I want to distribute them to a wider audience looking for input and participation.  The latter piece (participation) is critical.  The core requirement for this Jakarta EE 9.1 release is support for Java SE 11.  If there is any "feature creep" then we will need individuals and teams to sign up to deliver the requested additions in a timely manner.

All of you should have Commenting capabilities with this link. Some of you on the Spec Committee will have Edit authority -- but, please use Suggestion mode so that we can track the requested updates.  Thanks for your input!

Or, you can reply directly to this email thread.  Thanks!

I am out this next week for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The Platform calls in December will most likely focus on this content.  I want to clean up these Jakarta EE 9.1 requirements in early December and produce 9.1 Release Plan before we leave for the Christmas Holidays.

Kevin Sutter
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