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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Releasing api jars to central

I'd like to extend Ivar's answer by one point: Specs can publish many releases within the lifetime of one Jakarta EE release, hence their pushing is always unrelated of Jakarta EE and typically should be done *long before* Jakarta EE is iteself starting its ballot. In fact, what people "out there" expect is that the ballot for Jakarta EE is basing on already published specs, not basing on Milestones or Candidates. Looking on Jakarta EE from that point makes it clear that EE 8 and EE 9 enforced unneccessary and unwanted waiting, and we should never again without anything that successfully passed a ballot. These are not chapters of a book, these are standalone documents.




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Thanks I will get the checklist steps done now then


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Hi Steve,


That is part of the competition steps for the specification project team after their ballot is passed. Should be done for each component specification as soon as possible after the ballot completes.




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I may have missed something but how is the release of apis jars to maven central being done for the release. Are we pushing jars that have passed all stages to central now or waiting for the Jakarta EE release date?



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