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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta EE 9 Release Landing Page --


Much work is being done on the creation of the Jakarta EE 9 Release landing page. The technical work on the Jakarta EE 9 release was completed on Nov. 6th, yeayy! 
The facts listed on the page relevant to the release are currently incorrect and need our attention. 


Topic 1: Jakarta EE Repo - WIP

Last June 2019, the Jakarta EE working group discussed and voted to import the Jakarta EE Repo all the Specs relevant to Jakarta EE from the EE4J repository. 

What does it take to get the task completed? 
Can we prioritize it as a crucial item for the Jakarta EE 9.1 release? 
Can we double check the 60 Repo's mentioned above and make sure to not include stuff from the EE4J parent umbrella? 
Topic 2: Jakarta EE projects
Currently counted 31; however, the 9 release contains 35 specifications.
Do we also include the 10 repos already allocated in the Jakarta EE repo? If yes, then the number increases to 45.  
Topic 3: Jakarta EE Mailing lists and its link to EE4J
  • Jakarta EE Mailing Lists that helped create this landing page: currently contains 40 forums. Naming adjustments are needed.  How do we submit such feedback? 
  • Does a git issue work? Or PRs? How can we help adjust what currently is?
  • The removal of many EE4J mailing lists from the Jakarta EE mailing lists matters. 
  • EE4J must become its own independent umbrella parent with its own website, etc., to scale and welcome other projects to join the space.   
  • The repo specifications migrations need to help with a naming convention and update on the mailing lists. 
Topic 3: What items should be a part of the Release 9 page?
Should the Jakarta EE 9 release page focus solely on the release's work? Or should summarize the entire project? 

The current PR we are about to merge about highlighting the Contributors via Contributors Cards focuses only on the contributors' activity from work completed from Oct 1st, 2019 to Dec 8th, 2020.  

As such, I recommend, the 9 page focus only on the release work. Ideally, each release will have its own landing page. To iterate such a focus is recommended to be applied to future releases.  

Happy wknd everyone, 

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