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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Notes on Signature Tests in standalone Batch TCK

I believe this discussion is of interest to the TCK mailing list as well..

Kevin Sutter
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From:        Alwin Joseph <alwin.joseph@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Scott Kurz <skurz@xxxxxxxxxx>, jakartaee-platform developer discussions <jakartaee-platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        07/22/2020 10:03
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Notes on Signature Tests in standalone        Batch TCK
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Hi Scott,
We have upgraded the sigtest jars in jakartaee-tck to latest so the same can be used to run sig tests in Java SE 11 also. The "v4.3" is expected in the latest version. Is it possible to do the upgrade for sigtest jars used in standalone batch tck too.
I don't suppose there should be difference in the signature files otherwise. I will try to verify if the signature file in platform TCK needs any correction and needs to be matched with the standalone one.

On 22/07/20 7:41 pm, Scott Kurz wrote:
For the standalone Batch TCK, we have a signature test component, (in addition to the batch runtime execution tests).. which has been a requirement of TCKs since JCP and now in Jakarta.

The platform TCK has its own signature tests, including Batch as one component. At a high level, you'd think there wouldn't be differences between testing these same APIs standalone vs. in the platform TCK, so let me explain our approach in case there are any comments.

(If this is too boring a detail for anyone to care, then at least I left a paper trail if anyone has to look into this later)

Anyway, the platform TCK checks in sigtestdev.jar, as source, as: I don't think it's now exposed as a Maven artifact., and
generates signature file: I have seen doc like: understand very little of how the platform TCK is dealing with signature files.

In the standalone batch TCK, where we use Maven, we have been using this unofficial release of sigtest since back in the JSR days:

This appears to be use the "v4.1" internal signature format, whereas the sigtest in the platform TCK uses "v4.3".
One consequence: the platform TCK signature files can't be read and used in a standalone Batch TCK, since our sigtestdev JAR version is too old and doesn't recognize the newer format.

Here's a detailed diff:

$ diff -w standalone_se8 platform_se8
< #Signature file v4.1
> #Signature file v4.3
< meth public abstract !hasdefault java.lang.String name()
> meth public abstract !hasdefault java.lang.String name() value= ""
< hfds ZeroElementArray,ZeroStackTraceElementArray,cause,detailMessage,enableWritableStackTrace,serialVersionUID,stackTrace,suppressedExceptions,walkback
> hcls PrintStreamOrWriter,SentinelHolder,WrappedPrintStream,WrappedPrintWriter

So my take is that the batch TCK's sigtest, using this older format and the unofficial sigtest is just fine.

Comments? Thanks,
Scott Kurz
WebSphere Batch and Developer Experience

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