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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Stable location of GF 6 used to pass TCK?

Hi Arjan,

I think it would help if the full & web profile bundles are updated at to run the tests for the certification.

(I see multiple builds for GF6.0.0 full profile at this location -,, We have been using [1] mostly for the current test runs in the CI.)

It should also be ok to upload it in a Github release if that is more stable. In this case the bundle will be considered final I believe.


On 20/07/20 5:01 pm, arjan tijms wrote:

In order to pass TCKs in GlassFish 6, for instance the Servlet 5 TCK, I can reference the Jenkins archived build.

We were referring to the last successful build to get latest glassfish build from the source using [1] in tck CI to run tests with latest changes.


However, I don't think this is considered a stable location.

What I could do instead is make a GitHub release (which is essentially just a tag and therefore really cheap), and upload the build there.

I did this for instance for Pirana as well, see


Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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