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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Feedback on some Jakarta EE tutorial and FirstCup work

Hi everyone,

I've done some work on the Jakarta EE documentation:
  1. Tutorial: converted to plain AsciiDoc without JBake. PR - Preview
  2. Tutorial: splited content into standalone guides (based on previous bullet). PR - Preview
  3. First Cup: converted to plain AsciiDoc without JBake. PR - Preview
It's particularly the second bullet of my work that I need feedback on. I know some people find the tutorial daunting due to its length, and also go away after seeing how much it promotes JSF and EJB. The current format of the tutorial is also not very user friendly (which is hopefully already fixed by converting it to a single page content).

My version, available at groups technologies into guides and moves JSF, SOAP and EJB to a separated "classic architecture" section. EAR packaging and Client Application Containers are other concepts I think should better be moved to less prominent places. I haven't touched the contents for this, only created new pages for the guides (see for specific changes)

It's a POC (links and images doesn't work), but I'd like to get some early feedback on the idea very going far. I know everybody is busy working on Jakarta EE 9 but for that same reason I think this is the right time to move the documentation forward so we get a revamped version by the time 9 is released.


Guillermo González de Agüero

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