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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Looking for a couple of Wave:0 and Wave:1 volunteers...

I am extremely sorry if this is a dumb question. Could you kindly help me understand what the actual work is? That will help recruit the right people. If need be, we can have a quick one-on-one call.

Reza Rahman
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On 3/11/2020 6:04 PM, Kevin Sutter wrote:
As I was looking at the overall work effort required to deliver Jakarta EE 9 by the end of June, I see that the Wave:1 deliverables would need to start their official ballots by March 24.  (Note, all of this is assuming a sequential ordering of our Wave deliverables, which is not always the case.  But, it's the worse case, so I'm going with it for this exercise.)

Since March 24 is less than two weeks away, I'd like to get some Specification Project volunteers to work through the process of delivering their materials for ballot.  I figured some of the Wave:0 and Wave:1 Projects would be the best ones to pick from.


Once we start to work through the wrinkles of preparing for this ballot process, then we can maybe adjust the schedule deadlines to better align with reality.

For those of you not familiar with this balloting process, here are the official requirements.  But, in a nutshell, you would need your final API, TCK, and Compatible Implementation ready to release to Maven.  If your Project is also planning to provide a Specification update based on the contributed Specification source, then your final Specification would also be required.  There are a few Specification Projects in Waves 0 and 1 with at least 6 out of the 11 checkboxes marked.  Can we get any volunteers from these Projects to help push these across the ballot finish line?  (Although much of the actual work can be provided by Contributors, the final push with the Jenkins builds and Maven releases would need to be done by Committers.)

Another caveat...  This request would be for Projects not dependent on Glassfish as their Compatible Implementation.  Glassfish will not be ready in time for this initial push.  I am focusing on Projects that have independent, standalone Compatible Implementations.  Those Implementations may eventuall feed into the Glassfish deliverable.  But, they can also be used as a standalone Compatible Implementation for testing and verification purposes.


Kevin Sutter
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