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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Understanding a few javax->jakarta decisions

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kevin will tell me if I got this wrong, but...  Here's what I remember...

Scott Kurz wrote on 3/6/20 1:40 PM:

Late to the discussion, I wanted to see where we'd settled on the EE 9 plan questions (I see some discussion on the various lists)

1. Whether it is OK to add generic support in EE 9 along with the package move

It's ok, but you'll need to file your own release plan since you're stepping outside what the platform release plan says.

The way I remember / interpreted it is that returning say Class<?> instead of Class is okay, but accepting say Map<String, ?> instead of Map is not okay.

Not saying that is what was decided, but just my personal interpretation.

Since Jakarta Authentication would need to do the latter, we decided not to introduce new generics for Authentication in Jakarta EE 9.

Kind regards,

2. Whether spec-defined properties should move from javax. to jakarta.* (along w/ packages)

Yes, definitely.

3. Whether the targetNamespace for the Batch XML / XSD needs to change (currently using   targetNamespace="

Yes, definitely.  I don't think we've decided on the new base namespace yet; we're waiting for advice from Eclipse.

But I don't see any of this here:  

Seems like we need to start a FAQ!

Now... if these three items are still under discussion then I can dig through the various threads... I'm not asking anyone to go collect links for me.

But I'm just asking in case maybe there already is a consensus captured somewhere and I'm just not looking in the right place... and/or maybe that "release plan" doc just needs to be updated?

If that's the doc that needs to be updated can someone please point me to the repo to open the issue on?

My answers above are from memory, so they might not be perfect.  Filing these as issues in the platform project is one way to record the decisions, but I think people would find it easier to find the answers to their questions if we started a FAQ.

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