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[jakartaee-platform-dev] backward compatibility for descriptor schemas

We need to update all the descriptor schemas to switch to a new URL.
What should we do about support for the old schemas?

Should we handle this just like support for the old package names and
leave it to products to decide whether or not to support the old schemas?

Or should we continue to require that products support all the old schemas
as well as the new version?

At first it seemed simpler and cleaner if new products with no need for
backward compatibility could just support the new schema.  But just like
in the past, the schemas will continue to evolve as the specs evolve and
products will need to be able to support multiple schemas.  So, in the
long run, it's not clear this really saves a lot for new products.

I guess I'm inclined to say that products must support all defined versions
of the schema and this is not a "backward compatibility" issue.


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