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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] version numbers and release qualifiers

Hi Markus

> Maven is able to find latest builds (i. e. 1.1.1-2 is a later build than 1.1.1-1) only if the build is all-numbers.

I don't think that's true.

> Using ranges like [1.0; 1.1) will care for that build numbers, IMHO not only for the major, minor and patch numbers.
> Maven cannot do that if there is a letter in the build number, because it treats that as a non-buildnumber but as a "qualifier"
> (See Maven Version Syntax description). "qualifiers" are not necessarily integral.

I'm pretty sure that info is not complete. Can you link to "Maven
Version Syntax" you mentioned?

Per [1]:

>> Non-numeric ("qualifiers") tokens have the alphabetical order, except for the following tokens which come first in this order:
>> "alpha" < "beta" < "milestone" < "rc" = "cr" < "snapshot" < "" = "final" = "ga" < "sp"

> For example Maven has no clue if -rc1 is later or earlier that -rc01.

as 1 == 01 they are the same.

However there is that special case for "b" qualifier (which is alias
for "beta") also used by discussed [2] in different role.

1. to
see that qualifiers _are_ taken into consideration

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