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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Platform releases, tags, and branches in github repos

Fair point.  I just went with what had already been created.  I suppose something like 8.0.x-BRANCH would be better.  I don't think I can directly rename a branch, but we should be able to figure something out.  I'll let this conversation go until tomorrow to see if there's general agreement on this rename.  Thanks!

Kevin Sutter
STSM, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE architect @ IBM
e-mail:  sutter@xxxxxxxxxx     Twitter:  @kwsutter
phone: tl-553-3620 (office), 507-253-3620 (office)    

From:        Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        jakartaee-platform developer discussions <jakartaee-platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Kevin Sutter <sutter@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        01/15/2020 16:48
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Platform releases, tags, and branches in github repos

Kevin Sutter wrote on 1/15/20 1:57 PM:
In the case of jakartaee-api, it looks like there are some maintenance issues that need addressing.  In that repo, we do have the 8.0.0-BRANCH branch.  The pom was recently updated to correctly indicate the version for this branch is 8.0.1-SNAPSHOT.  This gives us the proper location for maintenance efforts on the API in case we need to do an 8.0.1 release down the road (or 8.0.n).
Maybe I'm not following this correctly...

We have a branch named 8.0.0-BRANCH.

In that branch, the version has been updated to be 8.0.1-SNAPSHOT.

And if/when we do a release on that branch, that 8.0.0-BRANCH branch will have an 8.0.1 release in it.  And presumably layer, if we need it, an 8.0.2 release.

Shouldn't we name that branch something that more clearly indicates it's not just the branch for 8.0.0, but rather it's the branch for all 8.0.x maintenance releases?

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