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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] [jakartaee-spec-project-leads] Tracking Issues have been created...

On the EE 9 project board, should most project be in Plan Review if not In Progress due to them leveraging the Jakarta EE 9 Platform Release Plan?

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 9:14 AM Kevin Sutter <sutter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
All of the individual Jakarta EE Specification Projects have now received an Epic Tracking Issue in their respective github repositories.  These issues will be tracked via our Project Board:

The titles for these Issues were created using the repository name.  Feel free to update that if want something more descriptive.  For example, maybe jta-api wants to change the title to "Deliver Transactions Specification Version 2.0 for Jakarta EE 9".  I just wanted some easy mechanism to differentiate each of the Issues in the Project Board.

These issues will be used just to track progress of the various efforts.  There was overwhelming support of github project boards for the Jakarta EE 9 release management 9 (vs the user of spreadsheets or google docs).  In order to support that desire, I created these issues.  I don't have write access to all of the EE4J repos, so I may need to ask for some assistance from the teams for creating and assigning Labels.  For example, where possible, I have tagged these Issues with the "Epic" label to indicate that it's being used for tracking purposes.

These Issues are not meant to control how the individual teams develop their changes.  Each team is welcome to create and use other Issues for doing the real work.  But, if each team can help keep these Epics up-to-date, then it will be less time that Steve and I have to track down the progress.

Thanks for your help!

Kevin Sutter
STSM, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE architect @ IBM
e-mail:  sutter@xxxxxxxxxx     Twitter:  @kwsutter
phone: tl-553-3620 (office), 507-253-3620 (office)    
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