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[jakartaee-platform-dev] calendar confusion

Apparently there's no platform meeting today.

I have an entry in my personal calendar for the platform meeting.
The entry says we're meeting weekly. This entry was based on an
event that someone sent out in November.  Perhaps someone can
send out an event that updates this entry, or cancels it?

Looking at the PMC calendar directly, it looks like there is a
PMC meeting on the first Monday of the month and a platform
meeting on every other Monday of the month?  Is that correct?
Perhaps someone can send out an appointment event with this
schedule to update or replace the event above in my personal

This is just another reason why it's more than just helpful
for the meeting chairperson to send out a message every week
with the agenda for the weekly meeting, or a notice that this
week we're not having a meeting.

I'll now go back to sleep and try to recover this lost hour...


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